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What’s a bull in gay language?

Big, muscular gay guy

Answered by: Marcel 14 views

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what is muff diver?

Put lick and pus** together and you got it! :D

Answered by: Marcel 17 views

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how do gay couples have there own children?

No, it's not possible. But we can both have one biological child and two our children in total. :D

Answered by: Marcel 18 views

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Coming out – experiences???

Mine wasn't really pleasant. I had a secret boyfriend, and some guys from my class found out. So they wrote a huge graffiti and that was very embarrassing for me and awfully shocking for my parents. S...

Answered by: Marcel 23 views

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Do you think gay pride helps gay community?

It does, but not as much as it should

Answered by: Marcel 24 views

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hows is it to have sex with a gay bear??


Answered by: Marcel 17 views

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Why are there so many homophobic people?

Because they're afraid of anything that's different from them.

Answered by: Marcel 15 views

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why people choose to be bisexual??

Being bisexual isn't a choice, people are born that way.

Answered by: Marcel 16 views

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why do gay people want to be married?

The point is to make a romantic community legal in the eyes of church and law.

Answered by: Marcel 20 views

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do gay people get stds more because they are more promuscuos?

Nope, we've heard of condoms.

Answered by: Marcel 21 views