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2 Answers

married guys, what was the best part of ur wedding?

The look on his face when we've got pronounced husband and husband <333

Answered by: Marcel 40 views

2 Answers

what is your favorite celebrity gay couple?

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, they so cute 2gether!

Answered by: Marcel 41 views

2 Answers

what is the cause of homophobia?

Their parents haven't taught them that all people deserve love.

Answered by: Marcel 46 views

2 Answers

What is the symbolism behind the gay pride flag?

unity and appreciation of everyone

Answered by: Marcel 34 views

3 Answers

are same sex parents more lenient?

Hoho, not me.

Answered by: Marcel 34 views

2 Answers

should gay adoption be allowed?

Are YOU allowed here?!?!?!?

Answered by: Marcel 12 views

2 Answers

do gay guys both get hard during sex?

Always, at least I do!

Answered by: Marcel 25 views

2 Answers

are bears sometimes straight?

Well they are GAY bears, aren't they?

Answered by: Marcel 26 views

2 Answers

do gays use sex toys for the anus

Yes, and there are many of them

Answered by: Marcel 35 views

2 Answers

why do gay bars exist?

Because we need our own fun far away from judging bastards

Answered by: Marcel 36 views