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Discuss any gay topic, become fluent in gay slang and learn all about the gay lifestyle with Gay Q&A. Don't be afraid to ask any question, from the most basic like „what is the definition of gay“ to the tricky ones that only our experienced members can answer. Welcome to the safest and friendliest gay Q&A on the web.


This site is dedicated to all the amazing gay people who deserve the full freedom to be themselves and explore their sexuality in a place void of prejudice and negativity that abound in the outside world. Our gay community is filled with people who are proud of who they are and not afraid to ask and say anything that is on their minds.

Being gay means being just like everyone else but also wonderfully different at the same time. In that sense, we all possess that curiosity, abundance of desires and unique characteristics that make us human, but we are best understood by the ones who share our lifestyle and preferences.

At Gay Q&A, you can enjoy exciting discussions with other gay people who have been wondering about the same things as you have and want to share their thoughts with someone who can understand and honestly say “I’ve been there. I know just how you feel”. So feel free to talk about whatever troubles you, ask any question you wish and help others out by sharing your own experiences.

We are here to support one another. Let this place be what we want the whole world to be. An accepting, understanding community of people who care about others and who never feel afraid to let their voices be heard.